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By booking a spot on workshop/ event/ photoshoot, you agree to the follow terms:

If I have to cancel workshop/ event/ photoshoot you get a of refund 100% of the amount you paid. Photos on workshop/ event/ photoshoot are free to use for your own self-promotion. You can use them in your portfolio, your website, social media etc. They are not allowed to be used for any commercial purposes, advertising or commercial projects for anyone/ anything else than you and the model.

If you have to cancel or for some reasons cannot participate in the workshop/ event/ photoshoot you booked, you will not be refunded. It is possible to resell the ticket or give it someone else. If someone else will come instead of you, let me know or send an email.

If the model or location replaced (very rare case) , you will be notified in advance. If you would not agree and choose to not participate, you can get a refund of 30% of the fee you paid.